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Outdoor Recycling is Transforming...

Outdoor Recycling is Evolving

Nexus® Transform City is a versatile solution for outdoor recycling in public environments.

The new Nexus® Transform City range are stylish and robust outdoor recycling stations, specially designed to offer complete flexibility, and meet the exact requirements of any recycling scheme. Hooded aperture options mean the model offers a durable recycling solution for outdoor environments, whilst coordinating with others containers in the Nexus Transform range.

Entirely customizable from aperture color to waste stream, decals are easily applied onto either of the large sides for added personalization. A narrow footprint ensures minimal floor space is required, whilst the symmetrical design allows the outside recycling containers to be approached from all sides in open spaces.

A hooded aperture provides added security, resistance to the effects of bad weather, and anti-vandalism protection. Manufactured from recyclable Durapol™ material, for a long-service-life, Nexus Transform City will not chip or rust, and is easy to clean.

JD Villegas, Vice President of Sales at Glasdon, Inc., said:

“We’re very excited about the launch of Nexus Transform City. It provides a flexible recycling solution, built to withstand potentially harsh outdoor conditions, whilst maintaining the versatility of the internal Nexus Transform recycling station.

It’s a great addition to our selection of outdoor recycling receptacles. With so many flexible options, our customers can choose their own configuration, colors and decals, in order to best fit their requirements.”

With 60 years of Waste Management experience, Glasdon is renowned for quality, design and cost effectiveness.

Talk to a member of the Glasdon team today toll free on 1-855-874-5273 or view the Nexus Transform City Recycling Stations.

Nexus® Transform City Duo Recycling Station

Nexus® Transform City Trio Recycling Station

Nexus® Transform City Quad Recycling Station

Nexus® Transform City Duo Recycling Bin Nexus® Transform City Trio Recycling Bin Nexus® Transform City Quad Recycling Bin

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020
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