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Earth Day 2015 -The 45th Anniversary - make a pledge & make a difference

On April 22nd 2015 we will celebrate the 45th Earth Day. Since Earth Day was first founded in the US in 1970 it has become an international event with countries from all around the globe taking part and making a conscious effort to make a positive change to help the environment and raise awareness of environmental issues.

Over 1 billion people have made a pledge on the Earth Day Networks website, where pledges are promoted as an 'Act of Green'. The Website connects you to people all over the world who are taking part in earth day, allowing you to register any events that you as an individual or as an organization may be planning and also allowing you to search for local events which you could be part of.

Make your pledge and make a difference

Looking for inspiration about which pledge to make? Search the Earth Day Network for a list of pledges and 'Acts of Green' that others have already made, or if you have an idea for a pledge that's not already listed submit your commitment to this through the site and help inspire others to make a difference this Earth Day!

Making a pledge is easy, your pledge can range from something as simple as: -

  • Composting your food waste
  • Ensuring old smartphones, batteries and electronic waste are recycled rather than thrown in the trash.
  • Using less energy at home, in school or in the office by switching off electronics that aren't in use rather than leaving them on standby or just checking that the lights are switched off when they're not needed.
  • Purchasing products made with recycled content to help aid the recycling circle.

Or you may choose to hold an educational day or event for your employees, local schools and communities on climate issues and how they could make a difference this Earth Day.

So go ahead - what are you waiting for? Make your pledge today!

We'd love to hear about whatever pledge or act of green you decide to make for Earth Day 2015 so please tweet us with your pledge @GlasdonUSA.

Earth Day 2015 -The 45th Anniversary - make a pledge & make a difference
Monday, April 20, 2015
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