Glasdon Plastic Bags and Liners

We supply high-quality plastic bags and liners for all of our trash cans, dog waste bins and recycle containers and stations. All of our black and clear trash bags are also made from 100% recycled material.
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We offer a range of high quality, robust trash cans and liners in a variety of specified capacities that will accompany your trash or recycling receptacle.

Our sturdy, robust plastic bags can ease manual handling and the process of emptying in any environment.

The trash bags we offer are environmentally friendly and are made from a range of recyclable materials. All of our black and clear plastic bags are made from 100% recycled material. Our Retriever City™ Pet Waste Station bags and Nexus® Shuttle Food Waste Recycling Bin bags are made from corn starch and are 100% compostable and biodegradable.

We also provide purpose-designed metal and plastic bin liners made from robust polymers and metals for durability and optimum performance.

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