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Our very own Nexus® 8G's have found their way to the heart of the world!

The Novotel on Times Square in midtown Manhattan, overlooks one of the world’s busiest pedestrian intersections, it is estimated that 300,000 people pass through Time Square on daily basis. Novotel as a global brand, operates all over the world providing luxury hospitality. Glasdon were very pleased when Novotel chose to purchase our Nexus 8G Recycling Containers.

Our Nexus 8G indoor recycling cans have the ability to be personalized to meet your company and visitor needs. With that in mind you can change the unit specification and apertures to fit almost any recycling situation from batteries, aluminium, paper and plastic. Not only will they make recycling easier, they are perfect in areas with limited floor space and can even be mounted on a wall. All of our products go through vigorous testing to ensure their quality matches the way they are designed. The Nexus 8G's are made from Duratec™ which is highly durable and designed to last, with relatively no maintenance needed.

If you require further information regarding the Nexus® 8G Can Recycling Container or any other indoor recycling products, please contact us now by: calling 1-855-874-5273, using our live chat section or email us on

Our very own Nexus® 8G's have found their way to the heart of the world!
Thursday, December 10, 2015

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