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Airport smoking restrictions at Cancun Airport

Smoking in airports is generally not allowed all over the globe due to numerous public health issues and security threats. Cancun Airport is no exception. The airport has strict restrictions on where you can smoke, therefore the airport installed cigarette bins at transition points.

Transition points are areas where cigarettes must be extinguished before you can proceed, in this case terminal entrances. By placing cigarette butt containers at transition points it helps prevent littering by offering a cigarette disposal system exactly where it is required.

Our Stainless Steel Ashguard™ Cigarette Units have a large capacity and are highly durable, offering an excellent cigarette waste solution for Cancun International Airport. With small openings for ash and cigarette butts, this free standing cigarette bin restricts large objects or suspicious items from being dumped, which reduces security risks. Our cigarette units are ideal for transport hubs, public buildings such as malls, and workplaces.

Can we help you to introduce smoking restrictions and implement cigarette waste management for your non-smoking site? Contact us - call toll free on 1-855-USGLASDON (874-5273), email, or use the Live Chat feature on this website.

Airport smoking restrictions at Cancun Airport
Friday, August 7, 2015
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