How do I choose a recycling container?

Purchasing the correct recycling bins for your recyclables will benefit any corporate waste strategy. We recognize that everyone has different needs & objectives when it comes to recycling which is why we supply an extensive range of receptacles that are designed around both your requirements and tastes.

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Choosing a recycling container can be an overwhelming process so we have complied this simple guide to answer some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing a recycling container.

FAQ: What capacity do I need?

We offer recycling bins in ranging capacities to cater for the differences in rates of accumulating waste. Depending on the nature of your business, the intended users and placement of the container, this will determine which capacity is going to be the most ideal for you.

For example, you may decide to choose recycling bins that fit under indoor work space to provide your employees with the convenience whilst they work. Alternatively, you may have decided to provide an outdoor recycling container for public users to easily access which would require a larger capacity bin.

For large amounts of waste we would recommend: Nexus® 96G Recycling Bin

For smaller amounts of waste we would recommend: Glasdon Orbit™ Recycling Bag Holder

FAQ: Can I personalize my bin?

Decals and signs are extremely important components that contribute greatly to recycling efforts. They provide visual cues to encourage individuals to dispose of their waste in the correct receptacle.

As well as offering standard recycling decals that are widely recognized, we understand the importance of aesthetics and offer the opportunity to personalize your bin and incorporate your company logo, brand and colors onto the bin’s body. This can promote the environmental friendly ethos of your organization as well as foster the bin’s ability to fit in with your facility’s surroundings. We strive to ensure your container is a perfect fit for your requirements which is why we will supply you with a free of charge illustration of your chosen bin before you place an order.

View our customers who have personalized their containers

FAQ: How many different waste streams do I need?

Our purpose-made recycling bins come in a range of different waste streams to encourage the recycling of several types of materials including plastic bottles, glass, batteries, confidential paper, food waste/compost, mixed recyclables, aluminum cans and paper.

To suit your recycling program requirements and to make things easier for you, we have several ranges of multi-stream containers to collect two or three different types of recyclable waste. If you see the container you like but not in the desired waste stream, we will be more than happy to personalize the bin to suit your needs.

Take a look at our Multi-Stream Recycling Containers

FAQ: What is a sign kit?

We provide the option to add a ‘sign kit’ to your chosen recycling bin. A sign kit is fitted to the rear of the unit to provide additional signage at eye level to highlight the use of the product. The sign carrier can either be used with the standard Glasdon signs or a letter sized sign of your choice. You will also receive a printed graphic which matches the one on the container at no additional cost.

The sign kit increases the visibility of the unit and provides extra information to advise its users on the correct usage of the bin.

FAQ: What is the purpose of a restricted lid?

We have a range of recycling bins available that have stream-specific apertures on the unit’s lid. The purpose of these is to encourage users to place the correct material into the recycling bin. The shape of the aperture prevents the contamination of other unwanted materials by providing the optimal shape for a particular material. For example, an aluminum can will not fit in the smaller, thinner apertures found on a Paper Recycling Bin.

Prevent contamination with an Eco Nexus® 16G Can Recycling Containers

FAQ: Do I need a hooded top recycling bin?

We supply several collections of recycling containers that are fitted with a hood. The purpose of the hood is to prevent the pooling of water caused by the rain and adverse weather.

If you’re placing your recycling bin in an outdoor area, we would recommend choosing a unit that incorporates a hood.

Our Nexus® City 64G Recycling Bin provides great examples of a hooded top

FAQ: Do you collect the recycling containers once they are full?

Our recycling bins come in a range of capacities and waste streams to suit different applications. Unfortunately, although we provide the receptacle to store the material prior to being recycled, we do not currently offer a service for collection.

We would suggest checking your local recycling center who has the facilities and expertise to dispose of the waste safely – we’re sure they would be happy to collect the contents for you.

Don’t forget - you could be eligible to receive external funding to start up or expand your existing recycling scheme! We’ve compiled a list of recycling grants providers to get you started.

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