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Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Bins

Our range of FOD bins offer a practical, versatile and accessible way to improve safety at your location. Choose from a varied range of sizes and aesthetics to ensure any loose debris is quickly taken care of, with safety-first FOD bins by Glasdon.

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The cost of foreign object debris (FOD) to the aerospace industry runs into the billions, so improving FOD infrastructure at your site is always going to be a good idea. Choose from the neat and compact FOD 7G, up to the large capacity FOD 23G, and rest-assured all our FOD bins are rigorously tested to ensure optimum durability, alongside minimal maintenance.

Looking to manage more than just FOD waste? We appreciate that airports are busy places, and as a result, have many needs. If you’re looking to improve your waste management past airport FOD bins, why not take a look at our guide on improving animal relief areas at airports for a little inspiration?

Although typically associated with aerospace, FOD isn’t exclusive to this industry. Glasdon FOD bins are well-suited to a range of environments, including; the military, manufacturing and shipping. For tailored advice on implementing FOD cans at your location, speak to our industry experts today.

Taking control of FOD is a big responsibility, but through our branding and personalization service, it can also act as an extra form of promotion and recognition for your brand. You can add company branding, logos and/or messages to Glasdon fod bins, take advantage of our LiveChat feature at the bottom of this page for all you need to know.

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