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Public events are inevitably going to generate large volumes of waste, so planning how you will encourage your visitors and supporters to recycle is important. Whether it’s a sports match, a concert or festival, encouraging recycling at your event will not only help the environment, but it could also help to reduce your landfill tax and portray a positive environmental image to your visitors.

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Similar materials are commonly produced at all events including aluminum, plastic bottles, glass, food waste and paper.


Location is a key component when it comes to increasing your recycling rates. It’s a good idea to place your event recycling containers in high footfall areas such as points of entry and exit, near food stands, seating areas and near restrooms. Ensuring that your recycling bins are both highly visible and accessible will prompt passing users to throw their trash away correctly. Don’t forget to also supply general trash cans alongside your recycling containers as this will help to prevent cross contamination.

Stand out from the crowd

It’s important you choose recycling containers that are distinctive and highly visible - even in a sea of people! Brightly colored receptacles are more likely to be seen and therefore more likely to be utilized. It may not be a good idea to include too many words or images on your bin’s signage as people may become confused and decide just to toss their trash into any old container. By using clear, concise imagery and text, your visitors will find it easier to make the right decision within seconds. You could also personalize your event recycling bins with your company logo to promote the environmental consciousness of your organization and leave a positive impression on visitors.

Convenience is key

To increase the chances of recycling, you need to make the process super easy and convenient. Mixed recycling containers make recycling uncomplicated for your visitors and supporters as they don’t need to worry about separating their recyclable waste further. All of your plastic bottles, glass and aluminum cans are able to be stored in one single container prior to collection. Why not create the ultimate recycling station and use coordinating trash containers!

Don’t use restrictive openings

Specific stream apertures are often useful in the right environment but at a busy, transient event – not so much! In the pressures of heavy crowding and excitement, people may not take the time to drop their waste in the correct container so use bins that feature large open tops to allow people to throw in their waste on-the-go.

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Friday, June 17, 2016
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