Flexible Traffic Bollards & Impact-Absorbing Posts

Glasdon flexible bollards are rigorously tested and designed to bend under impact or vehicle nudges. As an important feature within traffic calming schemes, these self-righting, flexible bollards act as traffic guidance devices, to help mark out traffic routes and create vehicle buffers within parking lots and confined areas.

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Flexible traffic bollards are designed to withstand vehicle impacts or nudges. Upon contact, these impact bollards will bend or twist, before returning upright to their original shape or form once released. Popular uses for the Glasdon range of flexible bollards include lane delineation projects, waymarking in parking lots, bicycle lane designations and entrance-marking at toll-booths.

Glasdon flexible bollards are traffic-friendly, enabling road safety with minimal risk of physical threat to moving or stationary vehicles or the vehicle occupants.

Manufactured using highly resilient Impactapol™ material, these flexible bollards offer excellent recovery performance even after repeated impacts. Following on from a slight nudge or a drive through collision, these bollards will return to their original shape with minimal damage sustained. We also use Durapol™ material, a strong and durable polymer, for a wide selection of our rigid bollards. View the full range of plastic bollards to find out more.

All Glasdon bollards are weather and tamper resistant, offering excellent strength and durability for a low-maintenance, long service life. For help choosing the right flexible bollard for your location, or to find out more about our full bollard range, simply chat to one of our friendly advisors via LiveChat!

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