Social Distancing Signage & PPE Signs

Alert, inform and instruct visitors of social distancing regulations, PPE guidelines, COVID-19 control measures and other crucial information, with high-quality signage equipment and markers from Glasdon. These social distancing display signs ensure maximum visual impact, ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Glasdon offer a wide range of quality products to support the implementation of social distancing measures. From poster display boards to sign-carrying bollards, we can help you introduce new health and safety procedures effectively and easily.

For maximum visual impact when displaying new regulations and requirements, the Advocate sidewalk sign holder boards are ideal. Available wall-mounted, free-standing and double-sided, these outdoor sign holders feature large display areas ideal for use in public environments, outside stores, on private or public sidewalks and in leisure settings.

Social distancing signage is critical to the implementation of controlled, COVID-19 prevention measures. Our Advocate Sign Holders can be supplied with ‘Keep 6 Feet Apart’ posters, as well as any other messaging you may require via our personalization service. Alternatively, you can use your own 30” (w) x 40” (h) posters with the Advocate Sign Holder. Signage can be changed quickly and easily to ensure your display information is always current and up to date.

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The Infomaster Bollard is ideal for marking out social distancing measures whilst displaying relevant signage information. It can also be used to alert others of PPE Pick-Up and Disposal Points, as well as for use as PPE zone signage. The large, rectangular sign face is easily visible through a car windshield or side window, whilst a narrow footprint takes up minimal space.

Looking to improve PPE waste management with dedicated PPE disposal stations? Our range of expert quality PPE bins features receptacles for both indoor and outdoor use, including hands-free pedal bins, open-top designs and more. We can even supply shelters to create PPE stations and checkpoints outside your facility.

The majority of Glasdon products can be personalized with custom decals and signage, to help integrate PPE disposal and social distancing into your organization’s program easily. Simply contact us to find out more.

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