Outdoor Smoking Shelters & Canopies

Create a clean and safer smoking area for employees, visitors or passers-by with the Glasdon range of smoking shelters and canopies. Choose from free-standing canopies and post or wall mounted smoking shelters, all of which are ideal for outside office buildings, hospitals, retail parks and shopping centers.

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The addition of a Glasdon smoking shelter to your outdoor smoking area will help to keep your premises cleaners and your buildings safer and smoke-free. We offer a selection of free-standing, wall-mounted and post-mountable shelters and canopies to enable you to find the right shelter for your environment.

Why not select a strong and durable cigarette receptacle to accompany your smoking shelter? Siting dedicated ash containers can help to ensure your outdoor area remains clean and professional and will help to reduce cigarette butt workplace litter. Alternatively, we also offer a selection of ash and trash receptacle combos to help combat and segregate both cigarette waste and trash all in one space-saving unit.

Glasdon smoking stations for outdoors are extremely strong and durable due to their high-quality construction and can withstand all types of weather for year-round outdoor use.

Take advantage of our personalization service and add helpful signage to highlight where your designated smoking areas are available. You can even adapt your versatile smoking shelter for use in a wide variety of applications including as a bus shelter, ATM canopy, train waiting shelter or as a ticket machine shelter!

We understand that choosing a smoking shelter or canopy is not always a straight forward process, which is why a member of our team will happily assist you via LiveChat or an on-site visit to go through your requirements.

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