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Indoor Recycling Containers

We supply an extensive range of indoor recycling containers suitable for various internal environments. The contemporary and modular design of our recycling bins means that they will complement existing surroundings and are able to be sited side-by-side to create centralized recycling stations or can act as stand-alone units.

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Amongst our range, we offer several smaller recycling containers that are ideal for siting in areas where space may be limited or footfall is lower. These are great for using as office recycling bins as their narrow footprint makes them convenient to place under work desks or next to furniture. Our larger capacity units make ideal recycling bins for schools, providing the necessary units to suit high traffic areas such as educational buildings or cafeterias.

Our full range of indoor commercial recycling bins are available to be personalized with your preferred waste stream, organization logo or message. We also supply coordinating ranges of outdoor recycling containers.

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