Focus on Services

We design and manufacture a wide-range of diverse products, perfect for the Services Industry. All our products are designed to be aesthetically striking, durable, and practical, allowing them to be effective solutions in any facility.

Need Help? Find the most popular product for YOUR industry.

Whichever area of the Services Industry you operate in, we have a broad selection of low-maintenance, highly-durable solutions, which can significantly enhance your facility.

With over 60 years' experience in the street furniture and waste management sector, our product range has become renowned for reliability, and a long-service life.

Many of our products are also designed with the option of personalization and branding in mind, allowing you to create your very own, unique product. Take advantage of our in-house graphics team, who can create special decals which reflect your corporate identity or company image, acting as a valuable source of extra publicity for your brand.

Whether you’re looking for general trash bins, recycling bins with a designated waste stream, water safety equipment, such as the Guardian™ 24" Life Ring Cabinet, or anything else in between, we endeavour to assist you in any way we can. Our aim is to ensure you get the perfect product for your requirements, and all the additional information you may need. For example, not sure which life ring to pick for your new Guardian™ housing? Take a look at our guide on What Size Life Ring Do I Need? for more information.

If you'd like any more information on our range of products for the Services Industry, why not: Email us | Call us Toll Free on 1-855-874-5273 | or LiveChat with us at the bottom of this page?

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