Winter Safety Grit Salt Bins

Help to keep your premises safe and free from snow and ice with Glasdon rock salt storage bins. The Rollastor™ grit salt bin offers exceptional maneuverability to help navigate through commercial grounds, sidewalks and parking lots for efficient manual grit salt spreading.

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The heavy-duty, durable Rollastor grit container has been designed and tested to withstand adverse weather conditions. High-quality materials used for the construction of this grit salt container ensures maximum performance throughout the cold winter months with resistant to corrosion and vandalism.

Complete with the lightweight Sno-Buddy™ snow shovel, the Rollastor allows the user to easily wheel the grit container across footpaths and sidewalks with minimal risk of strenuous activity. This hard-wearing Durapol™ material shovel can easily be fed through the front hopper aperture of the grit bin for easy removal of the container contents. Retention clips on the side of the Rollastor allow the Sno-Buddy to be efficiently stored, as well as any additional tools required.

Glasdon rock salt storage bins are the perfect winter safety companion for expert maintenance during the cold weather. For more information on the Rollastor grit bin, or to discuss your winter safety equipment needs, please contact us via LiveChat today! We will be more than happy to help and advise in any way possible.

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