Is there a container to recycle used medicine bottles?

We suggest using the Nexus 13G recycling container with a round aperture. There is a range of different colors available for the aperture to make the unit clearly different than those containers used for other recyclable wastes. The Nexus 13G will be supplied with a graphic on the front of the unit showing its use.

A graphic holder kit is available as an extra for the Nexus 13G. A letter size sign at eye level to provide extra information about the use of the unit if required. You might want to add information on what to do when the container is full, as an example.

Containers of 23, 26, 34 and 36 gallons are also available with the same specifications as above in case you want to consider optimizing your investment with less frequent emptying.

There is also an option of making this a secure unit, which we would be happy to provide further infomation on.

Monday, May 14, 2012

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