Commercial Outdoor Trash Cans with Ashtrays

Create a clean, safe smoking area free from trash with Glasdon ashtray trash cans. Featuring separate internal compartments, for both cigarette butts and trash, these trash cans with ashtrays enable efficient waste segregation within the workplace.

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Our range of commercial trash cans with ashtrays effectively help to keep the environment clean. Large internal capacities with separate liners for both cigarette waste and trash ensure efficient waste segregation, whilst high-quality materials ensure all-year weather resistance for a long, low-maintenance service life.

Many of our outdoor trash cans feature the option to add a hood or aperture mounted ashtray. With a variety of stubbing plates and grilles available, these trash cans with ashtrays are the perfect business solution to waste.

The compact, modern design of these outdoor ashtray trash cans makes them particularly well suited to most building's entrances, as well as a range of outdoor workplace smoking areas - and can really help when it comes to creating a clean and safe smoking area.

Why not create a dedicated smoking area within the workplace by also siting a number of wall-mounted, or free standing ashtrays? This will increase usage levels, as well as make responsible cigarette disposal easier and more convenient for users. Speak to us today for more information!

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