Road Safety & Traffic Bollards

Glasdon supply a wide range of both flexible and rigid traffic bollards with ground fixings for all applications. All of our bollards are designed and manufactured by us, to meet the highest quality and safety standards. Select from sign-carrier posts and retroreflective markers to enhance existing road safety schemes.

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From impact-absorbing bollards to sign-carrying and retroreflective marker posts, the Glasdon range of road safety bollards features a variety of styles and sizes to suit traffic calming schemes for all road safety applications.

In addition to rigid Durapol™ material bollards, we offer a range of flexible bollards constructed from high-quality Impactapol™ material. These highly resilient street bollards are designed to self-right themselves and return to an upright position, while minimizing the severity of injury to the occupants of a vehicle should a collision with one of the bollards occur.

We understand that finding the right ground fixing is just as important as selecting the bollard itself, which is why we supply bolt-down fixings as standard for a selection of our road safety bollards. These fixings remand flush to ground level should the bollards be removed, ensuring a minimized trip hazard risk for maximum safety.

To help keep pedestrians, bicyclists, vehicle drivers and other road users aware of safety precautions and regulations on the road, we offer a wide choice of sign face options for our road and traffic bollards. Variations include waymarking for pedestrian paths and bicycle routes, as well as lane restrictions and stop junctions. View our Guide to Glasdon Bollards for more information on the full range of sign face options.

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